The Shamrock Elite will provide a unique experience as part of a like-minded Team!

As part of the Shamrock Elite, the Team and Player will receive a multitude of benefits – for those who want an opportunity to achieve scholarships or, those who simply wish to play a more serious game!


Ronald Vrana, the owner of Paramount Scouting Bureau, is considered one of the foremost experts in college and university recruiting, having scouted and evaluated athletes for nearly 25 years.  Since 1997, Vrana has conducted baseball and softball showcases in the US and Canada which have drawn thousands of athletes.  The evaluations of Vrana and his staff are highly regarded by college and university coaches.

  • Initial consultation to develop a specialized Game Plan for each player, and expert guidance until the player signs with a College or University.
  • Parent and prospect have unlimited telephone and email consultations to address their specific questions.
  • Consultant will assist parents and prospect in analyzing College / University offers vs. academic opportunities for future success in the job market.
  • Consultant will review academic/athletic scholarship offers and advise on how to discuss offers with the financial aid office at each school.

Academic Services (Including home-school and IEP students)

  • Research colleges and University’s to create a list of schools meeting the prospect’s qualifications, desires and goals
  • Assist in choosing where and how to apply for College / University admission and financial aid
  • Assist parents and prospect in marketing to these schools the prospect’s academic and athletic qualifications
  • Analysis of each school of interest regarding the academic programs and potential for post College / University success.

Athletic Services

  • Assistance with drafting and marketing an athletic resume
  • Assists parent and prospect in compiling an evaluation video of the prospect’s abilities
  • Assistance with NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center Registration
  • National Letter of Intent [NLI] Preparation
  • Personalized education regarding recruiting and rules
  • Questions to ask coaches and how to keep coaches in contact with you
  • Preparation for unofficial and official visits
  • Education regarding scholarship availability in your sport
  • Analysis of College and University programs/coaches showing interest in you

Action Plan

Professional Profile – Consultant designs a thorough student resume, including personal information, athletic and academic achievements, community service, scouting reports, photo, and more.

College / University Exposure – Two times per school year, consultant will assist prospect in contacting College and University Coaches, in every division, which are involved in the student’s sport.

Target College List – Consultant researches colleges to create a list of schools meeting the student’s qualifications, desires and goals.  Two times per school year, consultant then assists the parents and prospect in marketing to these colleges the student’s athletic and academic qualifications.

Personal Videotape – Consultant assists the parents and prospect in compiling an evaluation video of the prospect’s abilities.  Consultant does assist in the videotaping but does not edit video footage or provide video hosting services.

Personal Videotape Promotion – Consultant will assist the prospect in target mailing the video to colleges.

Recruiting E-mail Address – Consultant will assist the prospect in creating an email address used exclusively for recruiting purposes.  This email will be included in all promotions and is the primary means for communications with college coaches.

Pre- and post-tournament Coach Contacts – Consultant will work with the prospect to effectively communicate with coaches to get them to come to events to watch the prospect perform.