“Being a part of The Shamrocks Elite, tells the Softball world that you are a serious Softball Player with intentions of playing at the next level.”

Ron Vrana; Softball Fastpitch Scout


If you are looking for more than just a Softball Rep Program, the Elite Division is for you!

The Shamrocks program is unique in that it develops each athlete on a personal and athletic level by providing personalized training, top competitive opportunities, excellent Coaching from Professional Coaches, and advice and assistance through the college recruiting process.  The goal of The Shamrocks Elite, is to develop each girl into a well-rounded athlete and person who is attractive to College and University Coaches.

Athletically, we strive for our girls to be the best all-around player.  Our program stresses and develops proper running, hitting and throwing techniques based on scientific studies; not fad ideas that look good but do not produce results. We use experts to teach players the intricacies of the game, such as base stealing, bunting, and fielding techniques used by the top Players and Coaches in the game.  We focus on the mental aspect of the game and teach the girls proper diet and healthy practices that aid in being a top athlete.  We also stress high academic standards and positive character traits, not only in the athletes, but in parents, as well.

The Shamrocks start by holding tryouts conducted by Paramount Scouting Bureau.  PSB, with over two decades of evaluating players for all levels, run the tryout, perform all evaluations and provide the Shamrock coaches and parents with accurate evaluations along with comments on what each player need to work on to improve.  The Coaches then use this detailed information to select the best players for the Shamrock Teams.  PSB’s evaluations simplify the tryout process, give each play baseline numbers to use as a basis for determining growth and improvement in their game, and avoids internal conflict and parent complaints.  Our unbiased evaluations eliminate the controversy of “political picks,” or the pressure of Parent Coaches having to pick players.  PSB then comes in from time to time to re-evaluate the girls to determine their progress.

The Shamrocks then provide top coaches …

The Shamrocks provide the best College and University exposure.  Not only will we attend competitive tournaments, but also, each player is marketed to U.S. and Canadian Colleges by Paramount Scouting Bureau.  The program includes:

  • Regular mailings to Colleges / Universities based on location, majors, level of play, etc.
  • Annual videos
  • A personalized recruiting email address
  • Advice and guidance on the recruiting process and targeting schools that meet your athletic and academic qualifications, desires and goals
  • Communication guidance to assist you in effectively communicating with College and University Coaches

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